All aspects on the research and practice of dependability, resilience and applied security, for the full life cycle of systems (from requirements and specification definition to system operation and maintenance), aimed at preventing, detecting, recovering or assessing the impact of errors, faults or attacks, are within the scope of DSN. Standardisation and certification related challenges and practices are also relevant.

Authors are invited to submit original contributions on the DSN’s current thematic areas of emphasis:

  • Hardware (e.g., microprocessors, memories, systems on chip, I/O devices, storage systems, trusted computing)
  • Software (e.g., applications, middleware, distributed algorithms, operating systems)
  • Networks (e.g., wireless networks, mobility, software-defined networking, edge computing, networks on chip, intrusion detection systems, network security)
  • Clouds (e.g., cloud storage, computing, platforms, applications, blockchain, cloud security and privacy)
  • Cyber-physical systems (e.g., embedded systems, real-time control of critical systems internet of things, smart grid, automotive, aerospace, railways, medical systems)
  • Autonomous systems (e.g., resilient AI/Machine Learning based systems, self-driving vehicles, autonomous robots, assured autonomy, explainable decision making, acceptability)
  • Models and Methodologies for programming, evaluating, verifying, and assessing dependable and secure systems (e.g., performance and dependability evaluation, analytical and numerical methods, simulation, experimentation, benchmarking, verification, field data analysis)