July 2, 2020


17:10 – 18:10 (CEST).
      Best of SELSE 
Best of SELSE
Video of the session with Q&A
List of Papers in the session and their Teasers
  • Software-only Triple Diverse Redundancy on GPUs for Autonomous Driving Platforms
    Sergi Alcaide (UPC - Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Leonidas Kosmidis (UPC - Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Carles Hernandez (UPV - Barcelona Supercomputing Center), Jaume Abella (Barcelona Supercomputing Center)

  • A Machine Learning-based Error Model of Voltage-Scaled Circuits
    Dongning Ma (ECE Department, Villanova), Xun Jiao (ECE Department, Villanova)
  • An Overview of the Risk Posed by Thermal Neutrons to the Reliability of Computing Devices
    Daniel Oliveira (UFPR), Sean Blanchard (LANL), Nathan DeBardeleben (LANL), Stephen Wender (LANL), Fernando F. dos Santos (UFRGS), Gabriel Piscoya Davila (UFRGS), Philippe Navaux (UFRGS), Carlo Cazzaniga (STFC), Christopher Frost (STFC), Robert C. Baumann (consultant), Paolo Rech (UFRGS/LANL).