Please read the information below first

(1) There must be at least one author registration at 125€ per paper, even if the contribution is presented by a student. Authors with two papers must carry out 2 registrations at 125€ each, and so on. This requirement applies to all the conference tracks (Fast Abstracts, Research and Industry Tracks and Workshops) except the Doctoral Forum. A reduced Doct. Forum registration fee of 25€ will be applied to contributions presented in the Doctoral Forum. Students presenting a paper in the doctoral forum and another in the main track must proceed with an author and a doctoral forum registration, so the registration cost will be of 125€ + 25€ in that case. These payments are a necessary condition for accepted papers to be presented at DSN 2020 and to appear in the final version of the conference proceedings. 

(2) To stimulate a maximum participation in the conference, a reduced attendee registration fee  of only 25€ has been fixed this year for everyone. This fee applies to all the rest of (non-author) attendees, including students. It provides access to all conference tracks, including workshops, tutorials, doctoral forum, fast abstracts and industry and research tracks.

(3) Researchers awarded with the Rising Star in Dependability and the Phd Carter Award must contact the conference chairs in order to get a free conference registration.

(4) The rest of award winners, tutorial proposers and other conference contributors (such as workshop keynote speakers and panelists contributing to workshops or the industrial track) can register as attendees in order to get access to the whole conference. For whatever reason, those that cannot, or do not want to, register as conference attendees must contact the conference chairs in order to get free access to the specific session (award session) or event (workshop or tutorial) they contribute to. 

(5) You will be requested during the registration process for your passport ID. On the one hand, this is necessary in order to provide you the credentials of the conference. On the other hand, the attendance certificate will be issued to you including that passport ID. In order to simplify the registration process to everyone, if you do not want to provide your passport ID, you can place a random number as passport ID if you want. The system will accept it and our registration service will apply no additional check on that ID. The side effect will be that the attendance certificate that will be issued to each attendee will include the attendee name and the passport ID (correct or not) declared during the registration process. It is worth noting that no modification request regarding the provided passport ID will be attended after the registration deadline. 

(6) The registration will remain open until June 21, 2020. Late registrations will be exceptionally considered until June 24, 2020 (hard deadline).

Registration fees are as follows

Until June 21, 2020
Until June 24, 2020
Author registration
Doct. Forum registration
Attendee registration


In case of any doubt or request, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an email to our registration services